Which roads should we use to commute?

We’re always asked whether we should use the roads that most closely mirror the conditions we’d find ourselves in, whether to drive on foot or in a car.The answer is that it depends on the circumstances.A lot of roads are suitable for both, and there’s no reason why one shouldn’t be the one chosen for the job.For most people, the […]

How to use Google’s traffic cameras to improve safety

By creating a map of traffic cameras in your area, you can see where they are and where you can take them.However, Google also offers the option to upload a photo or video of the location where the camera is located and download it for use in the Google Maps app.To create a map, go to Settings > Traffic Cameras […]

How to get to your next job with the ABC News app

More than 50 per cent of Australian workers don’t have a phone, the ABC says, while a third have no internet connection at all.AAP/ABC News 8 The ABC’s digital business news team talks to digital entrepreneurs and technology experts to find out how to get their business off the ground.The ABC has launched a new app called the ABC Digital […]