Why I’ve been stuck in traffic for so long

I’ve got my hands on traffic tickets for years, but it’s never the most enjoyable experience.I’m not alone.Every week, more than 5 million drivers are stuck in a traffic court, meaning they can’t get a ticket or have a traffic ticket dismissed.This isn’t just a problem for people with low-level infractions like speeding, but the city also issues traffic tickets […]

How the internet will be different in a decade: How the web will change in 2028

The internet will not be the same in 2032 as it is today.It will not run like a business, and it will not do the same thing as the internet does today.But in 2040, that’s where things will be, and they’ll be vastly different.Here’s how the internet is changing in 2044.2:03 pm ET The internet is coming.But where will it […]