Which is better for your online traffic?

NEW ORLEANS, Louisiana — When you’re on the road, it can be hard to stay focused.And if you’re a busy parent, you might be tempted to keep tabs on all the traffic in your town, and your child’s.But for most of us, we might not be so concerned about the traffic at all.For a lot of us on the internet, […]

How to spot traffic cones in the sky and how to avoid them

There are a number of ways to spot what’s going on in the skies over the country.Here are some of the best: Traffic cones.Traffic cones are signs that are placed in the roadway at certain intersections to prevent vehicles from turning onto the same road.A traffic cone is not a traffic signal and does not mean you’re going to get […]

How to stop police from breaking traffic laws with a camera in your home

Police have long been used to circumvent traffic laws and are often the first responders to any traffic mishaps.As the number of traffic violations has skyrocketed, police have increasingly relied on automated camera systems to enforce traffic laws.But, with the advent of cameras, they can now be deployed to the street to enforce the law.Here’s how to stop a police […]

How to avoid being hit by a bus while driving

A bus with a yellow traffic light is one of the most common road hazards that drivers encounter in Canada.The road hazard, however, has also been known to kill.As the story of how a woman survived a bus crash and her rescue by a driver goes viral, the road hazard is being studied in Canada as a potential cause of […]

What you need to know about a new traffic camera program that’s changing how cops interact with the public

A new program to capture traffic camera video and provide it to police departments is drawing criticism for potentially violating First Amendment protections.CBS News reporter Ben Gittleson reports on the program, called TrafficCam, which is under development in Dallas.CBS’ coverage of the program has sparked intense criticism from privacy advocates, civil rights groups, lawmakers and tech companies.The program is designed […]

NY cops: Police officer arrested for traffic violation

CINCINNATI — A police officer was arrested Saturday on suspicion of driving under the influence of drugs, according to police and an attorney.Police said the officer stopped a car in the city’s Fulton Street neighborhood Saturday night on suspicion that it was being driven by a person under the age of 21, according.A passenger in the car was not hurt.An […]

Why Netflix is changing its privacy policy

It’s easy to understand why Netflix is taking a look at its privacy policies and making them more open.The streaming giant has been one of the biggest names in digital privacy, which has earned it a reputation for not always following through on its promises.But now that it’s finally come out with a statement on the matter, Netflix seems to […]

How to get a DUI arrest in DC, according to an expert

The traffic stops are not all routine and you should know the legal consequences of a DWI arrest in your state.According to the Washington Post, a DWIs conviction can mean a driver can be charged with a misdemeanor.It can also mean a jail sentence and/or an automatic license suspension, meaning drivers with multiple DWIs convictions could be pulled over for […]

When the cameras will stop | Caltrans

The traffic cameras that will soon start patrolling California’s freeways, bridges, and highways are the first of a program that aims to reduce congestion by controlling pollution from cars.The program is part of the state’s Clean Air Act, which was passed in 1997 and expanded in 2012 to regulate air quality, traffic, and energy sources, including COVID-19.In the program, which […]