How to get your traffic report?

It’s been a busy week for crypto currency.The price of bitcoin has dropped more than $1,000 from the peak on November 17, the day it hit $1.8200.It then jumped back to the $1s, then $1 in less than a week.On November 23, bitcoin hit a new high of $119.35, a price it hasn’t touched since July 1.There are also a […]

The Next Google Bus Simulator

The next Google bus simulator is here, but it’s not just another Google bus.This one has been specifically designed to help drivers in Phoenix, Phoenix, and Phoenix.You get real-time traffic data from Google Maps, real-world driving conditions, and real-life navigation information.There’s also a real-estate view, traffic and weather information, and more.The simulator costs $299.99 for a three-month trial.Impeding traffic and […]

Philly traffic court to allow pedestrian traffic

On Tuesday, Philadelphia Traffic Court officials announced that they would allow pedestrians to cross the street, a move many advocates said was long overdue.Pedestrians must have the right-of-way to cross intersections, and they can’t block the flow of traffic, but pedestrian crossings were not a common sight in Philadelphia until the city’s pedestrian and bicycle laws were implemented.For years, the […]

What is Utah Traffic Cameras?

By Brian McElroy, Washington, D.C. – As the Obama administration begins its push to install new cameras on Utah roads, advocates are pointing to a new bill that would allow motorists to record and share their video with law enforcement agencies.The bill, HB 2310, by state Rep. Steve Chivers (R-Kanab), would give motorists a way to record their road conditions […]

Which Detroit drivers are most likely to get tickets?

DETROIT, Mich.— It’s not the biggest story in the world.But there is one driver whose life has been forever changed by a speeding ticket: Joe Fong, whose face was all over the headlines because of it.The story began a year ago when Fong’s truck driver’s license expired.It was a huge setback for the family, and it’s what ultimately led to […]

How to spot the red traffic light in your city

When you’re at a traffic light, do you see a red traffic signal?Or is it a blue one?Or maybe a green one?In either case, it’s a signal that you’re going faster than the other vehicles in the area, so you’ll need to make an effort to slow down to slow your speed.If you’re traveling at less than 30 mph (about […]

Mobile traffic engineers may have to rethink the way they do business, says study

Mobile traffic engineering is being challenged by a new industry of app developers and traffic engineers.The trend has resulted in more sophisticated algorithms, more data, and new tools, according to research published Monday in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.The industry is a $200 billion industry, and it is rapidly growing, with more than 5,000 apps and services […]


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