How to watch the Super Sunday draw in full, with live football and results

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Broncos’ Chandler Jones, Broncos set to face Panthers

DENVER — Broncos linebacker Chandler Jones and the Denver Broncos are set to travel to Carolina to face the Panthers in a preseason game, according to a source.Denver Broncos linebacker Dan Koppen was one of the players in attendance for the team’s win over the Dallas Cowboys on Thursday.Jones and the Broncos will play their first preseason game against the […]

How to stop traffic law enforcement from profiting off traffic patterns

Police officers are a big part of the traffic problem.They patrol streets and intersections looking for speeding, running red lights and other crimes that happen on the street.But the cops have to be careful not to get in the way of the vehicles that are most likely to be violating traffic laws.In Houston, that means you need to know what […]

Watch the video of Caltrans’ traffic cameras being deployed during a tornado outbreak

The California Department of Transportation has installed a new $1.8 million camera system to catch the worst of the storm.The cameras will be placed throughout the state to catch vehicles running red lights and stop signs.The system has already captured more than 1,400 speeding violations in the city of El Dorado alone.The department said the cameras are part of its […]

How to stop traffic jam by turning off traffic lights

Next Big News | December 11, 2018 | By Scott Droschak Scott Drosschak is the senior technology reporter at Next Big, a technology company covering the Internet of Things and other emerging technologies.He covers big ideas and trends in the technology industry and how they impact consumers and businesses.Follow him on Twitter at @scottdrosschae.Follow Next Big on Twitter: @NextBigTrends.

How to avoid a traffic ticket in Napa County

A Napa judge has ruled that drivers in Napanese communities who have been issued traffic tickets will not be able to fight the tickets, ending the legal battle over whether drivers who are caught speeding will be fined.Key points:The judge’s ruling comes after a trial in Naponthe city court in the state’s western region found that a driver who was […]

New York City: More people are leaving New York than coming in from other cities in 2017

New York, the nation’s largest metropolis, saw a slight decline in its number of residents leaving in 2017, as more residents opted to leave for greener pastures such as California and Florida, according to new data.

How to pay a traffic ticket with a new app

You may have noticed that there are many traffic tickets that you can pay online using Pay.This is a good way to get rid of these fines and get a small fine on top of your fine.Now, if you don’t have an app that can accept Pay, you can still get a traffic citation by typing in the information from […]

A look at traffic numbers from the islands that could be in trouble

A few days ago, the Honolulu Times ran a story about traffic numbers for Honolulu and Hawaii.The story was based on a report from the Hawaii Highway Patrol and the Honolulu Police Department.The numbers in Honolulu are far less than those for Honolulu, but they’re still far worse than the numbers for most of the rest of the state.Here’s what […]

Why is there so much traffic on the internet?

Alexa Traffic Rank,285 article A new study says that traffic is way out of control.The study by Nielsen found that the number of online users in the United States has skyrocketed to more than 10 billion users, a number that has more than doubled in the past 10 years.Nielsen says that this growth has been driven by the emergence of […]


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