Austin traffic cameras get a boost from Google

The New York Times has released a report that shows Google has purchased Austin traffic cones for use on its traffic cameras.According to The Times, the Austin traffic camera system has been in use for the past six months.Google says that its goal is to increase traffic safety.Austin traffic safety advocates say that the cameras have increased safety.“The Austin traffic […]

Traffic cams to be put up at more sites

Police will be able to put up traffic cages at more of the sites they suspect are harbouring criminals after the police minister confirmed the scheme will be implemented across England.┬áThe scheme will see police install a camera system to be able catch motorists speeding, causing accidents and the like, while other cameras will be used to catch pedestrians or […]

How to find the best traffic-control technology for your freeway

Google traffic controls are a powerful tool for controlling traffic flow, especially on interstates and state highways.But the technology has become increasingly common on cities, so we’ve compiled a list of the best options for freeway traffic control in your area.Traffic-control systems that have become increasingly popular include: