When traffic stops, traffic doesn’t stop at checkpoints

A woman in her 30s from the northern West Bank city of Ramallah said she stopped at a checkpoint in the village of Kafr Dura last Friday to buy food and cigarettes.The driver of the truck, whom she did not identify, pulled up beside her, said the woman, who gave her first name as Maher, and said, “I’ve been waiting […]

How the Memphis Grizzlies changed their offensive identity by replacing J.J. Redick

REDICULOUS BY KAREN DALE FOR ESPN ORIGINAL MEDIA¬†For the second time this season, the Memphis Suns are a perfect 6-0, having scored a total of 89 points on average this season.In their first game, the Suns played against the Orlando Magic and went on a 27-8 run, shooting 60.5 percent from the field.That was an NBA record for consecutive games […]