How to get around the traffic camera in Dallas

It’s a simple matter of taking your car to the nearest traffic light, walking a few meters, and then turning right into the intersection.It’s not exactly a big deal if you live in a large city, but if you’re driving through a small city or rural area, you may want to consider making your trip a little less obvious.According to […]

Which D.C. traffic cameras are most effective?

By CARL LEMIRE DALTON, Associated PressD.C., (AP) — The city is spending nearly $50 million to upgrade its traffic cameras in the nation’s capital, and some of the cameras are working.The city has installed 1,400 cameras and is installing 3,000 more, Mayor Muriel Bowser’s office said Tuesday.The cameras are designed to record the speed of vehicles on streets, and provide […]

How to navigate the air traffic control system: a traffic map

From Sydney to Melbourne, the air control system is an essential tool for keeping planes flying safely and reducing the number of deaths in Australia.The system is based on radar technology, which detects objects in the sky and tells air traffic controllers how close they are to each other.It uses a series of sensors to determine the distance between each […]