NFL players plan to ‘walk the talk’ in new video

NFL players are expected to be more vocal and political this week in their quest to win a second Super Bowl.The league’s annual owners meetings will be held Wednesday night, with the league’s executive committee expected to vote on a resolution supporting the players.The resolution is expected to come out of the meeting, which will be streamed live online.The vote […]

Traffic cones in Dublin: Is it worth it?

Traffic cones are a great way to reduce pollution and congestion in the city centre, but there are some serious downsides to installing them, including the cost.A new study from the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds suggests that traffic cones could be a bad idea for the environment.The study looked at traffic cones in four locations in Dublin, […]

How to build a custom traffic camera in Python

The Verge has published an article about how to build traffic cameras using a Python module.The article is the first to use the module for building a traffic camera, and it shows how it can be used to build the same functionality with the Python Imaging library.The traffic camera module is also available in the Python package manager pip .As […]