A look at traffic numbers from the islands that could be in trouble

A few days ago, the Honolulu Times ran a story about traffic numbers for Honolulu and Hawaii.The story was based on a report from the Hawaii Highway Patrol and the Honolulu Police Department.The numbers in Honolulu are far less than those for Honolulu, but they’re still far worse than the numbers for most of the rest of the state.Here’s what […]

Irish mobster ‘tortured, beaten to death’ by gang members in the UK

An alleged mobster from Ireland who was abducted by Irish-based Irish gangsters in the United Kingdom has died of his injuries, his family said.The Irish Examiner reports that the family of Michael McGrath, who was allegedly killed on a Dublin street in 2014, said that McGrath was found dead in a car at the foot of a motorway in Southport […]

Which roads should we use to commute?

We’re always asked whether we should use the roads that most closely mirror the conditions we’d find ourselves in, whether to drive on foot or in a car.The answer is that it depends on the circumstances.A lot of roads are suitable for both, and there’s no reason why one shouldn’t be the one chosen for the job.For most people, the […]