What you need to know about a new traffic camera program that’s changing how cops interact with the public

A new program to capture traffic camera video and provide it to police departments is drawing criticism for potentially violating First Amendment protections.CBS News reporter Ben Gittleson reports on the program, called TrafficCam, which is under development in Dallas.CBS’ coverage of the program has sparked intense criticism from privacy advocates, civil rights groups, lawmakers and tech companies.The program is designed […]

The first traffic camera in Houston is set to start rolling in early 2019.

The Houston Police Department is planning to install traffic cameras in all three of its police departments over the next few years.In September, the department announced plans to install 20 traffic cameras across the city by 2020.According to the city’s Department of Transportation, the first traffic cameras will be installed in Penndot in 2021.The first cameras will take over from […]

How to avoid traffic cameras

Traffic cameras are a common sight in Ireland, particularly in urban areas, but the cost of installing them is not always cheap.One Dublin-based company is offering a free service for people who are worried about paying for them, with a range of services to suit their needs.Traffic cameras in the capital cost between €40,000 and €60,000 to install, but with […]