How to stop traffic jam by turning off traffic lights

Next Big News | December 11, 2018 | By Scott Droschak Scott Drosschak is the senior technology reporter at Next Big, a technology company covering the Internet of Things and other emerging technologies.He covers big ideas and trends in the technology industry and how they impact consumers and businesses.Follow him on Twitter at @scottdrosschae.Follow Next Big on Twitter: @NextBigTrends.

Why I’ve been stuck in traffic for so long

I’ve got my hands on traffic tickets for years, but it’s never the most enjoyable experience.I’m not alone.Every week, more than 5 million drivers are stuck in a traffic court, meaning they can’t get a ticket or have a traffic ticket dismissed.This isn’t just a problem for people with low-level infractions like speeding, but the city also issues traffic tickets […]

‘Troubled’ mother: My son ‘couldn’t understand why he got hit’

A Florida mother said her son was riding a bus in South Florida when he was hit by a truck that had crossed the street and hit a parked car.The mother, who has not been identified, told the Orlando Sentinel that her son, Matthew, was riding the bus in a yellow bus that was parked near the intersection of West […]