Texas police officer shoots man, kills another in traffic stop

A traffic stop in Texas left a police officer dead and another man wounded after an officer fired a shot at him, officials said Sunday.The shooting occurred early Sunday morning in the Dallas suburb of Richardson, according to the Houston Police Department.The officer, identified as Michael Kostov, was at the home of the man, a 25-year-old man, when he was […]

What is a Traffic Camera?

In the US, the Department of Transportation’s (DOT) TPD (Traffic Camera) program allows state police, county police, and local agencies to use cameras to capture footage of traffic violations, including speeding, failure to yield, weaving, passing a vehicle at a low speed, and a variety of other violations.However, a major difference between the federal and state programs is that the […]

How to use Google traffic to build a smarter traffic funnel

With Google’s traffic ranking system, it’s hard to build an effective traffic funnel, says Steve Wise, the creator of Traffic School, an online traffic training and consulting service.Google traffic is a tool for measuring traffic flows, Wise says.It’s not a tool that can be used for optimizing your website.He also says Google traffic has become less reliable, which means you […]