Which traffic cones will you see? – WFMZ traffic court

You’ll have to find out, as traffic cones are a big part of the Florida landscape.┬áIt’s a tough job, as the cones are installed at the intersection of Interstate 95 and I-95E in Orange County, and it’s a lot of traffic.The cones are placed on the southbound lanes and the northbound lanes in each direction and, as a result, the […]

Traffic cones in Dublin: Is it worth it?

Traffic cones are a great way to reduce pollution and congestion in the city centre, but there are some serious downsides to installing them, including the cost.A new study from the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds suggests that traffic cones could be a bad idea for the environment.The study looked at traffic cones in four locations in Dublin, […]

What do you do when you’ve never seen a traffic cone before?

Traffic cones are often the subject of a great deal of speculation and debate.Are they really a useful tool for public transport, or a waste of money?Is it better to buy a cone instead of buying a ticket, or just buy a ticket when there are lots of traffic cones around?Is the cone a good idea for urban areas, or […]