Texas police officer shoots man, kills another in traffic stop

A traffic stop in Texas left a police officer dead and another man wounded after an officer fired a shot at him, officials said Sunday.The shooting occurred early Sunday morning in the Dallas suburb of Richardson, according to the Houston Police Department.The officer, identified as Michael Kostov, was at the home of the man, a 25-year-old man, when he was […]

Kerala police catch 10 suspected terrorists from Kottayam, catch 8 in police station

Kottaryam: Kerala Police on Saturday arrested 10 suspected militants from Kollam who were allegedly trying to enter the state from Kolkata.The police said they were tracking the suspects who were caught in a traffic jam along the Kottiyam-Moora highway near the junction of the Vassar and Nalanda highways.The suspects were caught during a traffic stop at Vassal, about 30km from […]