What do you think about the recent spike in Facebook page traffic and comments?

With the recent influx of Facebook comments and page traffic, I wanted to ask readers to share their thoughts on the recent uptick in page traffic to the website.In particular, I want to discuss the spike in page-views to Facebook in response to the recent government shutdown, which has created a large spike in the number of people posting comments […]

Why Google is still the most important search engine in the world, even as search engine rankings decline

Google is a huge player in search, but the company is facing competition from more established rivals.While Google is in the midst of an economic recession, the company still dominates in the search market.Google is the #1 search engine for mobile search in the US, but that’s not even close to the dominance of Bing, Microsoft, Yahoo and others.Here’s what […]

How to prevent a traffic jam with traffic report

A traffic jam can be created by a network of traffic lights that are either on or off.It is possible for traffic to stop because of a traffic light and for a car to stop.The traffic light can be switched on and off or for the car to enter and exit a traffic lane.The number of traffic signals can also […]